Authenticity is not just a few alphabets arranged in a certain order to spell a certain way. For us, it is our way of life. In fact, as far as we are concerned, it is the only way of life. We handpick our merchandise only from brands themselves or brand authorized stores. Each is meticulously chosen, right off the runway and are officially imported. All of it is customs cleared. We vouch for our products to the extent where we encourage our patrons to go to a store and authenticate what they have bought from us. However, those who know luxury, know nothing beats the feeling of holding one in hand. And that is why we have the Solo Luxury Private Viewing Service, where you can see, touch, feel the products for real. You can self-authenticate. After sourcing and selling luxury for six years through private sales, events and our website, we have over 3 million satisfied customers who would vouch for us. Experience luxury. With us. It doesn’t get any more original than this.